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Herbal Medicine

Medical herbalism is different from folk herbalism. It is practiced in the context of a medical diagnosis. Of all the systems of herbalism in US, Chinese herbalism is by far the most sophisticated. It has been continuously refined over thousands of years. Through a very long period of clinical practice, it has formed a solid theoretical system to guide the usage of herbs. Over 20,000 herbs are used, however, about 300 of them are commonly prescribed.

Herbal formulas are the combinations of the herbs and about 400 formulas are still used today. It has become such a fine art by the minimization of side effects while maintaining clinical efficacy.

Herbs are of different temperatures, such as, cold, hot, warm and cool. They are also of different tastes, like sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty. By properly balancing these properties, utmost effectiveness can be achieved. The results can be delivered as quickly as within hours to relieve cold symptoms, pain, and anxiety, etc.


Side effects from pharmaceutical drugs, such as pain-killers, can be life-threatening. More people die due to the adverse drug reactions than are killed in car accidents. Chinese herbal medicine can treat pain very successfully yet without the dangerous side effects. It is also cost effective. Most herbs cost about $1 to $2 a day.

Pill form herbs can be taken orally. Topical herbs are used for skin conditions and pain. Granule herb can be mixed with the water to make dinks.

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